Cornflower Motif Tote Bag The Charpoy

Cornflower Motif Tote Bag

Cornflower Motif Hand Block Printed & Quilted Tote/Beach Bag With Scalloped Straps When you need to go out, carry the bag you really love, such as this beautifully hand block printed and quilted bag with contrasting scalloped straps. It features embroidered contrasting scalloped straps and embroidered edged pocket in the front of it. It is a large sized bag and is perfect for a its multi purpose uses, such as beach essentials or an everyday shopping bag.  Size~ L 45 x W 50cm Care ~ Machine wash on a delicate 30 degree cycle  Ethically producedFair wagesHandmadeMaterial ~ 100% Pure cotton Beautifully hand embroidered with scalloped stitching  

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