About The Charpoy : The Charpoy is a small Independent business founded by Preneet Bart. The brand is inspired by the richness of the Indian heritage and textiles. It is the amalgamation of unique contemporary designs and homewares. Preneet breathes new life to the age – old tradition of block printing, designing new prints that have a simple and classic appeal.
Carefully chosen, she passionately collaborates with the immensely talented Indian artisans to create this beautiful and ethically produced collection by paying a fair wage.  

Alongside designing block printed textiles in small batches, Preneet Bart loves to paint. She is a decorative artist based in London. She enjoys hand painting bespoke homewares, furniture and murals and works in collaboration with interior designers and private clients adapting to their individual needs. Preneet has the eye for detail which works perfectly for producing hand painted finishes.