Organic Hippo Family Baby Quilted Mini Cushion

Organic Hippo Family Baby Quilted Mini Cushion

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The delightful colour combination of rose pink and lime green in the hippo motif makes a charming small quilted organic cushion. It has been beautifully wood block printed by hand on unbelievably soft 100% organic cambric unbleached cotton. It is perfect for your toddler as a first pillow. It can also simply be used as a decorative feature for your nursery.

It comes in a soft sheer cotton muslin drawstring bag.

Dimensions: 35 x 25 cm

Care: Wash on a delicate cycle and natural dry only.

Please Note: Each piece is unique and finished to high standards by the skilled craftswomen in India. However subtle imperfections in the weave, design and colour can appear due to the natural quality of the fabric and are a part of the handmade allure.

Material: The outer lining of the cushion is made of 100% organic cambric cotton. The cushion pad is made of organic muslin and is filled with polyester filling.