Organic Giraffe Family Mini Quilted Cushion

Organic Giraffe Family Mini Quilted Cushion

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The delightful colour combination of the blue and lemon in the giraffe motif makes a charming small quilted organic cushion. It has been beautifully wood block printed by hand on unbelievably soft 100% organic cambric unbleached cotton. It is perfect for your toddler as a first pillow. It can also simply be used as a decorative feature for your nursery.

It comes in a soft sheer cotton muslin drawstring bag.

Dimensions: 35 x 25 cm

Care: Wash on a delicate cycle and natural dry only.

Please Note: Please note: Never use a cushion for a child under the age of one, also ensure the child's head is not covered or at risk from accidental covering during sleep.

Material: The outer lining of the cushion made of 100% organic cambric cotton. The cushion pad is made of organic muslin and is filled with polyester filling.